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Florida Kids therapy is a Pediatric Occupational Therapy center in Miami Florida . We have quickly become one of the leading provider of pediatric therapy in the Miami-Dade providing highly skilled occupational, physical speech therapy and behavioral therapy care for children in combination and coordination with other primary care and specialty care providers. Our therapists specialize in delivering comprehensive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and family centered care for infants, children and adolescents with a variety of diagnoses and needs. Florida Kids Therapy is licensed by the State of Florida.


Florida Kids Therapy is an established provider in Miami,Florida, which is home to some of the largest medical centers in the United States, and known for cutting edge care.

  • We serve only the pediatric population.
  • We have a home health and outpatient service model to fit our patients needs.
  • We maintain a high quality of care through education programming, affiliations with Universities, mentor programs, and staff supervision.
  • We accept a diverse variety of third part payors. All business office functions are handled in house.
  • We manage coordination of services with primary care and specialty care providers.


We set ourselves apart from other therapy agencies by:

  • We have a diverse clientele encompassing various medical complexities, diagnosis types, genetic anomalies, and developmental delays.
  • We offer a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach of all required therapies and treatments to create the most successful outcome for our children.
  • We offer unique therapeutic interventions.
  • We focus on interdisciplinary team collaboration, and close working relationships with physician offices.
  • We offer multiple clinic locations and home based work opportunities that allow a therapist to gain experience in different settings while keeping a base office closest to their home.
  • Electronic Medical Record and computers that are consistently improved to enhance work efficiency and ease.

At Florida Kids Therapy, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive, multi-disciplinary,  family centered care for infants, children and adolescents with a variety of diagnoses and needs from birth into adulthood.  Additionally, we offer a vision of elevating pediatric patient care to ambitious new levels, attracting some of the finest personnel in the field and of positioning Florida Kids Therapy among the industry’s most respected organizations.