Recommended websites with general information and activities

Sensory Processing Resources – General information on sensory processing – Sensory resource for research, education, and advocacy – The Zones is a systematic, cognitive behavior approach used to teach self-regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete zones.  The Zones curriculum provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of, and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts – Information on sensory processing disorders, sensory diet activities, and practical solutions for sensory challenges at home and school

Fine & Visual Motor Resources – Fun eye exercises to promote visual processing skills – Free printable puzzles, such as mazes, Sudoku, crosswords, logic games – Activities (crafts, games, printables) organized by skill – Printable crafts, coloring pages, worksheets, and much more. Filter by season, holiday, activity, or skill – Create chore or reward charts, printable crafts, coloring pages, and activities – Thousands of free resources for individuals with special needs

Therapy Products – A selection of therapy products, games, and educational toys –  Innovative sensory products, educational toys, occupational therapy tools, autism or special needs toys for learning, play, self-regulation, sensory integration, handwriting, motor skills development, fidgeting, and much more…

Materials & Resources – Great Occupational Therapy home program website. Full of activities for multiple skill areas – Activities and information on all skill areas – Select the skills you want to target and the materials you have. It provides you with activities. A great website for busy professionals! – Excellent resources, handouts, and visuals for emotional regulation and social skills

Holiday Social Story – Customizable social story to help prepare for holiday events/gatherings.

Recommended Books:

The Incredible 5-point scale  by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis

The Out-of-Sync Child   by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun  by Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child   by Lindsey Biel

Sensational Kids  by Lucy Jane Miller

Building Bridges through Sensory Integration  by Ellen Yack, B.SC., Paula Aquilla B.SC., OT, and Shirley Sutton B.SC., OT

Smart but Scattered  by Peg Dawson, EdD and Richard Guare, PhD

Smart but Scattered Teens by Richard Guare, PhD, Peg Dawson, EdD, and Colin Guare